Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wisdom and Whatnot

Courage and cowardice reside in the same person. A crisis reveals which is stronger.

If you tell someone you haven’t met in a long while “You look great,” don’t say it with a surprised expression. 

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle: lots of odd pieces you have to connect. Unfortunately, when it’s finished, so are you.

A mistake is a learning experience — but not for everybody.

Being disliked for doing the right thing is better than being liked for doing the wrong thing.

If you keep your head up when you walk in the street you’ll miss the change lying on the ground.

Truth is sometimes most virtuous when left untold. 

Desiring something you can’t have is normal. Desiring something you shouldn’t have can lead to trouble — and a larger wardrobe.

“No” is a legitimate response to a question — unless you’re mother asks you, “Would you like another slice of pot roast?”

It’s better to stand on your principles than sit on the fence or lie down on the job.

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